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Roofing is what we do! 

Nolette's Metal Roofing and Installation

Nolette's Roofing and Installation in Northern New York manufactures and installs snap-lock standing seam metal roofs for residential and commercial buildings. It has been Nolette's Roofing and Installation's mission for over 15 years to bring businesses and homes beauty and protection from the environment that will last a lifetime. 

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Commercial Roofing

Are you in need of a commercial roof replacement? With Nolette's Roofing & Installation, you can have a roof that meets your specific needs! We have installed roofs on everything from churches to industrial warehouses. Let Nolette's Roofing and Installation handle your roofing needs!


Check out our project gallery to see some of the commercial work we have done.


Roofs protect homes from the elements. Nolette's Metal Roofing Supply & Installation can give you peace of mind in the North East's unpredictable weather. Get a roof that will last a lifetime, so that you won't have to replace it more than once. No matter what you're building, whether your home needs updating or new construction, Nolette's Metal Roofing Supply & Installation can help!

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Did you know that Nolette's Roofing and Installation manufactures metal roofing and offers custom trim? Nolette's can make all of your metal roofing, trim, and custom trim to order. We make all of our own Snap-Lock Standing Seam that can be cut to any length. We also manufacture board and Batton Metal Siding that has non-exposed fasteners!

Watch how we manufacture
each sheet and crate it with care!  

Our Projects

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